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Nelson Labs’ Scientists Awarded Best Published Paper 2017

By: Daniel Olsen, M.S. SM(NRCM)

Nelson Laboratories scientists, Michelle Lee, Audrey Turley, and Daniel Olsen, in collaboration with scientists from the Japanese National Institutes of Health, recently published important research for the development of in vitro skin irritation testing for medical devices. Their article, “Proof of concept testing of a positive reference material for in vivo and in vitro skin irritation testing”, was published in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research.

The article reports the discovery, development, and testing of the first available material to be used as an extractable positive control for in vitro irritation testing. The material is the first shown to elicit a positive irritation response in both polar and non-polar extraction solvents. This discovery of an extractable positive control material was a key step in the progress of in vitro skin irritation testing for medical devices and helped prepare the way for the recently completed international validation of the irritation test method.

The article was awarded the Best Published Paper honor for 2017 from the Medical Device and Combination Products Specialty Section (MDCPSS) of the Society of Toxicology (SOT). MDCPSS is composed of many experts within the medical device industry including a dynamic mix of scientists from device manufacturing companies, contract research organizations, regulatory agencies, and consulting companies. The award will be presented in March at the 2018 SOT Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.

Celebrating Audrey Turley: 20 Years at Nelson Laboratories

By Alyessa D’Ewart

Since Audrey Turley started her career 20 years ago at Nelson Laboratories, she has worked in various departments including bioburden, biocompatibility, and technical consulting. She has cross-trained in other sections and has performed IDs, air sampling in hospitals, hydrostatic pressure, B/F, and sterility testing.

“Audrey helped develop and validate our genotoxicity chromosome aberration test,” said John Bolinder, VP of Integrated Marketing and Communications and Audrey’s current manager in her role as technical consultant. “Recently, she has been working with Daniel Olsen and Michelle Lee to develop alternative in vitro methods for biocompatibility, presenting these findings at the Society of Toxicology (SOT) and most recently at a Audrey Turleymeeting with US FDA.”

Audrey enjoys participating in the growth of the company as well as the growth of the industry. She feels Nelson Laboratories provides a great service that affects everyone on an individual level, not just in providing jobs but also in the medical attention we receive as consumers.

In her 20 years at Nelson Laboratories, Audrey has also earned a great amount of respect and admiration from all who have come to know her.

“Audrey is a brilliant scientist, but an even better person. I consider it a blessing in my life to have grown up with her at Nelson Laboratories,” said Jeff Nelson, Nelson Laboratories president. “Her loyalty, courage, and many achievements will always be an inspiration to me.”

Audrey’s favorite memory from her 20 years of working at Nelson Laboratories is seeing Dr. Nelson every day. He would walk around the halls with a diet soda and a Snickers bar, checking in on projects and helping address any problems. She also remembers coming in on weekends to help him paint the pink floors. As Nelson Laboratories continues to grow, Audrey’s contributions will surely aid in the future success of the company.

“Audrey has a great mind, a passion for science and excellent presentation skills to teach others. She is also a single mom with two beautiful twins,” Bolinder added. “We celebrate 20 years of service with Audrey and appreciate her contribution to our success at Nelson Laboratories.”