Nelson Laboratories is a leading provider of full, life-cycle microbiology testing services for the Medical DevicePharmaceuticalTissue and Natural Products industries. While we are known for exceptional quality and rigorous testing standards, we are also keenly aware of the bigger picture. It’s what we call The Science of Success™. It’s partnering with you to achieve your business goals and being fully committed to your long-term success.

Contributors from Nelson Laboratories represent a broad range of expertise for MedTech testing services.  These areas of expertise include Biocompatibility, Radiation Sterilization and Process Validation, Healthcare Cleaning/Disinfection/Sterilization for Reprocessed Devices, EO Sterilization, Disinfection Validations and much more.

With each Nelson MedTech Insights blog post we will try to include a link to the author’s contributor page.  Below are introductions to just a few of our scientific contributors for this site.

Sarah Campbell, PhD

Trevor Fish

Matt Jorgensen, PhD
Physical Chemist and Materials Scientist

Emily Mitzel
Healthcare Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization for Reprocessed Devices Expert

Daniel Olsen
Biocompatibility Department Scientist

Alpa Patel
Disinfection and Process Validation Expert

Thor Rollins
Biocompatibility Expert

Alexa Tatarian
Cleaning Validations for Newly Manufactured Devices, Material Characterization, Extractable/Leachable

Audrey Turley
Research Scientist

Martell Winters
Radiation Sterilization and Process Validation Expert

To learn more about Nelson Laboratories, please visit

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