IMRP Roundup

The 40th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (iia) was held two weeks ago in Vancouver, Canada. Nelson Laboratories’ Senior Scientists Martell Winters and Wendy Wangsgard, PhD attended. Winters was the Program Chair and also led a preconference day workshop on dose audit failures. Wangsgard chaired the Healthcare Strand session on radiation microbiology. The discussion covered microbiology vs. math, updates to AAMI TIR35 and TIR17, and wrapped up with Winters presenting more in-depth details on dose audit failures.

Wangsgard presented a poster on “Validation of a Sterilization Dose for Products Using a 3D Printer.” Her presentation was very well received and earned the Best Poster award.

“I have been wanting to attend this meeting for 12 years, and I was delighted to be able to present a poster and chair a session,” Wangsgard explained. This was a very special day for Wangsgard as she not only was awarded the Best Poster award, but it was also her birthday.  “Little did I know that I would receive the greatest birthday present by winning this award and by celebrating with industry experts who I have been looking up to for decades!”

The conference was well attended and Nelson Labs will be attending the next one in two years.

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