What You’ll Learn by Attending the MD&M West Nelson Laboratories Classroom on Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Validation Overview

Dan Floyd, Laboratory ManagerEthylene-Oxide-Sterilization

Dan Floyd is a Laboratory Manager at Nelson Laboratories in Salt Lake City, Utah. He will present at the MD&M West Conference on February 12 on an overview of the ethylene oxide sterilization validation process.  His presentation will include:

  • Advantages of Ethylene Oxide: This presentation will outline the situations where using ethylene oxide is advantageous.
  • How EO Works: EO sterilization is complex.  There are four parameters that must work in unison for a sterilization cycle to be successful.  These parameters will be discussed.
  • How To Design a Sterilization Cycle: Comparative Resistance testing helps determine the most resistant location on the device as well as the time it takes to achieve complete kill.
  • Pre-validation Requirements: Some microbial testing can be performed prior to performing the validation at the contract sterilizer.  This testing will be outlined.
  • Validation of the Sterilization Process:  Requirements on process validation, as outlined in ISO 11135-2007, will be discussed.

Take Away:

Ethylene Oxide sterilization is easier than you might think.  Understanding the advantages of EO sterilization will make determining an appropriate sterilization method for your product easier.  This presentation is designed to present the background, advantages, and testing requirements necessary to successfully validate an EO sterilization process.

Floyd will present in room 208AB on February 12 at 11:00 am. Register at www.canontradeshows.com/expo/west14/conference-nelson-rsvp.html

Nelson Laboratories: www.NelsonLabs.com

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